WordPress Training at Source One Solutions



One of the most popular web development programs available for “non-technical” professionals is WordPress.  WordPress started out as a blogging tool, but has morphed into a full-blown content management system.  Many individuals and companies are moving their website to the WordPress platform because of its user-friendly interface.  With thousands of widgets and plugins available to customize your website, there isn’t much that WordPress can’t do.  The beauty of it all is that non-technical people can easily learn how to develop websites within the WordPress platform and be able to manage their content themselves.

WordPress can be a little tricky at first.  There is a slight learning curve for someone looking to get started, which makes the WordPress kickstart course, offered through ExecuTrain’s virtual training method, a MUST for anyone interested in getting started.  In this brief 4-hour kickstart course, you will learn all you need to know about getting your site up and running and how to develop your own content into the WordPress web platform.  Spending half of a work day learning these key startup techniques will save you LOADS of trial and error time trying to set your site up.  The course is even offered on a couple of Saturdays for those who have a full work week.

Follow this link to the WordPress Kickstart Enrollment Page:

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