Cloud Services


You hear a lot about the cloud, but is it the right move for your business?  Maybe, maybe not.  The decision to move aspects of your network to the cloud goes beyond price, as your savings in one area often results in more spending in another.  Without taking the time to assess your exact situation, it may prove to be difficult to determine whether cloud solutions are the direction your company should move towards.

As with any IT decision regarding your network, the first step we would of our involvement would be to perform a review of your current IT setup and have a more detailed discussion about which cloud services would benefit your business and determine the course of action for your specific IT needs.  We do have our own in-house data center and provide a full range of hosting services to clients–many of which are great solutions for companies of all sizes.  These hosting services provide the backbone to our cloud service line offerings.  Here is a list of our hosting services and some of our other most common cloud services.


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