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There has never been a better time to outsource technology

Whether it’s server and networking projects, Office 365 email migrations, Windows upgrades, day-to-day support for both on-site and off-site employees, cyber security, audits or helping you put together a new technology plan for today’s unique challenges, we have the expertise on staff and ready to send your way–NOW.


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Let us fight your IT SERVICE battles

We live in a world where IT service is constantly changing.  In other words, while we become more dependent on technology to assist us in our jobs, we are at the mercy of many factors.  In addition, hardware and software companies, patches, updates, licensing agreements, etc., all impact us regularly.  However, Source One Solutions, here in Fort Wayne, IN, has developed a line of IT services that are all designed to help combat the IT issues that either slow you down or threaten the functionality of your network.



Today’s technology is made up of millions of moving/changing/evolving components.  Therefore, high-volume usage in the business setting brings a higher rate of spontaneous “tech failures” that occur during the day.  Above all, we understand that clients are more educated when it comes to these types of things, but also understand that you can not always spend hours of your day troubleshooting an issue.  Therefore, calling our IT service help desk support team can save you the frustration of tracking down those random bombshell glitches that ruin your productivity and sometimes…your day!

Have you considered wordpress for your website?

Whether you need a new website or your current site refreshed, we can absolutely help.  When we are finished, you will have a fantastic looking site you can manage with very little training and coding involved.

As Google continues to evolve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) parameters, it is becoming more important for businesses to move to a platform in which their site will not be lost in searches.  Similarly, companies can no longer afford to not be found on the internet and there are many ways this can be fixed with an SEO add-on project for an existing site.

At Source One Solutions, we are business technology partners and IT service should include your website.  For instance, you can get your new site built, and we can host it for you in our data center.  In addition, your site will be built to maximize both desktop and mobile functionality.  Moreover, WordPress is a content management system–meaning it gets the control of your content back into your hands so you can manage it (or have us take care of it when you get into a bind).  In conclusion, it truly is a great product that you should familiarize yourself with as you research website solutions.


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FULL-VERSION HOSTED EXCHANGE email only $3.95/month

Follow the link below to get full-version Hosted Exchange Email accounts for you or your entire company at one of the lowest prices on the internet!  Hosted right here in Fort Wayne, IN!