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Many companies have a website but no one on staff to manage it.  Aside from content updates, websites are living/breathing entities from the standpoint of upkeep and require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly.  Updates are released regularly to both your site’s theme and plugins.  Databases can become large from normal traffic and active elements such as banners and forms.  Issues can develop that can lead to a major drag on your site’s speed, performance and in many cases–sales.

Source One Solutions offers a comprehensive solution for WordPress websites that solves this problem.  We treat your site in the same way a hired employee would only in a much more budget-friendly way.  Our Website Service Plans are designed to give your site the attention it needs on a regular basis to help things run smoothly over time.  Here is a breakdown of all that the website Website Service Plan covers:

  • Hosting fees (if you choose to host your site with us)
  • Regular updates to your theme
  • Regular plugin updates
  • Database optimizing
  • Site and host cache clearing
  • Hosting liaison (Host with a 3rd party?  We’ll be the ones to sit on hold and work with them until your site’s issues are fixed)
  • Built-in time at a lower hourly rate to respond to the inevitable issues that come up over time, and to use toward special projects or content updates.

The size of your plan depends on the amount of built-in time you add.  It can be minimal, or it can be a complete solution.

If you are in the market for a new website and haven’t budgeted for the large upfront expense to have one built for you, you may qualify to have your site built with no up front costs due when you add a website service plan for your site.  That means you get a brand new site at no upfront cost, built-in hosting fees (if you choose to host with us), and a team of website professionals to regularly maintain it for you for a single, budget-friendly monthly payment.



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