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Database Cleanup

Does your website seem to be running slow?  One of the main culprits of poor website performance is a growing database.  As your site gets used, activity records of your site-visitor’s traffic are stored inside the site’s database.  Over time, that database file can become very large—effecting the performance and speed of the site.

Database cleanup can be a tedious and sometimes risky project.  There are many steps that are taken to ensure that the important files of your site remain unaffected by the cleaning process.  You will also want to make sure that the poor performance of your site has been properly diagnosed as a database issue and not a hosting package issue.  WordPress is a great product—designed to enable you to manage your company’s content.  However, database cleanup projects are a necessary part of site ownership and management that are best served by utilizing a group of professionals to limit the likelihood of a data loss incident.

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